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No Need To Worry... It's All Free...

All the newspapers are free to download, free to use, modify, share.

So get started and keep downloading without shame.

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EXTRAS - What else can you get?

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Fonts you can use on newspaper titles, headlines, text, etc.

If you want to make your newspapers as genuine as possible you will need the best of fonts on them. Choose the ones you like right here.

Get Fonts

Newspaper backgrounds image

Newspaper backgrounds.

Equally important are the specific newspaper-ish colored background images you can use under your articles. Just to give that extra edge and make a newspaper that feels real. Your choice whether to go this way or not.

See Backgrounds

Website template blogger wordpress newspapers

Wordpress or Blogger newspaper templates.

The Wordpress and Blogger platforms are really popular and easy to use. If you're thinking of starting your newspaper online using these, you can now make them look like real newspapers.

Wordpress newspapers

Blogger newspapers


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